[Client] came to Vista Funnel with a goal of scaling up their sales and increasing market share. At the outset, the client had a planned budget to impact overall media spends for a bunch of social advertising campaigns.

Vista Funnel helped [Client] to alter their pre-set strategy by effectively demonstrating Amazon advertising campaign strategy, and how one can earn a dominant position as an ecommerce company. Additionally, a roadmap was chalked out to list all significant opportunities impacting sales figures beyond what was reported from their native website.


When it comes to Amazon advertising solutions, the [Client] always seemed to have suffered from getting access to adequate resources. Notwithstanding the executives wanting to cash the available opportunities present with Amazon Marketplace, the need for a full service team in position was imminent; someone with the right kind of expertise, technology bound, and a significant track record to gain maximum leverage. Vista Funnel being well adept in working with brands on Amazon was able to create a well defined expansion strategy to boost sales figures.


Sponsored Product Ads– Vista Funnel, working as an Amazon advertising platform specialist Chicago helped develop the right kind of advertising strategy by adopting sponsored product ads to expedite sales, and put it right across the top of SERPS. With high CTR as well as conversions, the seller rank also received the impetus, and thus boosted organic ranking.

Product Listing Page Optimization– Vista Funnel evaluated all client products by running an effective comparison and pitting it further against Amazon best practices. A comprehensive Amazon advertising campaign strategy was set in place to drive more traffic in anticipation of boosting rankings across Amazon Search. The optimization approach included certain doings like using keyword optimized product descriptions and high-resolution images.


    By partnering with Vista Funnel, the Amazon sales figure witnessed a steady boost and also generated a good chunk of revenue, almost half of what Google search engine ads on ROAS.

    The total Ad Revenue over a period of three months, namely, from Jan to Mar 2020 stood at $303,347, whereas the total revenue figures were reported to be $474,852.

    Moving forward, the Ad Revenue figures for 2021 stood at $299,812 for the period of Jan-Mar, 2021, whereas the total revenue stood at $358,900. Thus, Vista Funnel’s Amazon advertising efforts propelled a positive growth ensuring great ROI, thus exceeding client expectations at large.

Case Study - 2

Growing sales and market share with Amazon Marketing Services


Fayz Electronics reached out to Vista Funnel, intending to increase their sales volume and revenue along with market share on Amazon. The client had plans to accelerate their growth on the Amazon marketplace. They were looking for an Amazon PPC campaign through sponsored products strategy.

Vista Funnel helped Fayz Electronics utilize their set budget and resources in the best possible way to implement the Amazon advertising strategy. A step-by-step guide was prepared to enable Fayz Electronics to meet all the performance criteria required to become the top seller on the Amazon marketplace. Vista Funnel chalked out a plan for the client to focus on their performance and then drive their growth in sales revenue.


Fayz Electronics did not have the understanding and knowledge of the Amazon advertising strategies. They also lacked the right skills and a team with expertise and experience to provide the right support to help them improve their performance and drive their growth.

Vista Funnel is proficient in working with different brands on Amazon to boost their sales and revenue through their Amazon Marketing Services experience. Vista Funnel’s experience in Facilities by Amazon (FBA) inventory planning helped the client improve its performance to be able to enhance their productivity.


Inventory Planning – Vista Funnel provided support with planning the inventory of the client’s products to ensure that the out-of-stock rate is kept minimum. The FBA inventory planning helped them reduce their late dispatch rate. Another aspect they helped improve was the regional in-stock rate of the products.

Vista Funnel helped identify products with high sell-through rates and then accordingly distributed them to different fulfillment centers. Based on order history analysis, they mapped out a strategy for inventory distribution according to high sales zones that are the regions from where the client received maximum orders.

Product Listing Optimization – Vista Funnel created a comprehensive product catalog to offer customers a wide range of options to choose from. The optimization strategy included high-resolution images of products and content-rich product descriptions.

They implemented Amazon advertising strategies to prioritize the prime badge products through sponsored products to match Amazon’s expectations of maximum views on prime listings. They worked with the clients’ backend team to keep the product listings updated with the right selling price, available quantity, and expected ship date.

Amazon advertising strategies – Vista Funnel designed Amazon advertising campaigns that increased the visibility of the products. Using Amazon sponsored ads, Vista Funnel created highly targeted and tailored ads for customers who are most likely to purchase clients’ products.

They helped Fayz Electronics participate in various promotional events, flash sales, and lightning deals to increase sales. Having followed Amazon's best practices, the seller rank received momentum which helped boost their organic ranking.


  • Vista Funnel paved the path for Fayz Electronics to achieve total revenue of Rs. 61,65,482 in the last quarter from Oct-2021 to Dec-2021 with the help of their Amazon marketing services. This boost in sales consistently over the past year has helped them become one of the top sellers on the Amazon marketplace.

  • Finally, Vista Funnel used Amazon advertising strategies to promote the product with a prime badge to achieve a prime listing customer view of more than 50%. They also prioritized the high-demand ASINs, along with ensuring their speedy order fulfillment.

  • Fayz Electronics started from a standard seller and reached the Premium seller level in the Amazon STEP program within one year in partnership with Vista Funnel. They can now enjoy benefits such as fee waivers, faster disbursement cycles, priority seller support, and a dedicated account manager.


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